About a land far, far away


By Olga Kolesnik

* Edition 20 January, 2018. Song and original story by Olga Kolesnik. First published in January 2018. All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without written permission of Olga Kolesnik.

Hey, man! Hey, man! Tell me a tale

About a land far, far away,

A mystery land at the end of the Earth

That lies beneath the Southern Cross

Terra Australis is the name

Of a great South Land far, far away.

One day, one day I will follow my dream

And sail the world to the Pacific Rim.


I will ask the stars to show me the way

To my dream land far, far away.

I will beg the sea to keep me alive

And not to be hungry for my humble life.


Hey, man! Hey, man! Write me a song,

That Gives me the courage and makes me strong

To conquer the weAther, currents and sea,

To become the man I wanted to be.


Hey, man! Hey, man! Sing me that song

About the country to which I wish to belong.

When I see cliffs, hear birds and the squeaKy sand,

I will know I am lucky that I’ve found my land.


Hey, wave! Take me to bays of plenty,

Show me whales and great cOral reefs,

Tell me your Legends, stories and myths.


Hey, wind! Bring me straight to the bushland,

Show me birds that are laughing and loud

And an Endless summer all year round.


Hey, bird! Fly me over the mountains,

Over the wattles and flowering gum

To where I would Spend all my years to come.


Hey, wind! Take me to the horizoN,

Show me the country and its red rocky heart,

Where I want my new life to start.


Australia is the name

Of my dream country far, far away!

Australia, you’ve made me strong.

You are the country to which I want to belong.

Hey, Storytellers! Write down your stories!

Tell us about your struggles and glories.

Share them with the rest of the world

As every great story has to be told…


As every great story has to be told…


As every great story has to be heard.