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My still lives from the Tea Time Series are telling stories about people. Although people stay out of the picture, their presence is felt. It was them who set up a table, baked a cake, put flowers in a vase and poured tea into a cup. They can be back any minute. It’s about someone’s tea party, a birthday celebration or a get-together with a close friend. The paintings are bubbling and bursting with colours. I use bold outlines and bright colours along with a strong composition to set a mood and to create an inviting warm feeling of a tea party. “You are here for a treat. Enjoy good company, aromatic tea and freshly baked/painted cakes”. Bent crawling spoons, dancing cups and tea pots add dynamics to otherwise would be static still life paintings.

French Vanilla, Black Forest and Lily-of-the-Valley
38x76x3.5 cm – Acrylic/canvas

38x76x3.5 cm – Acrylic/canvas

Orange Pekoe, Cupcakes and Lavender
38x76x3.5 cm – Acrylic/canvas

Hydrangea Tea Time
60x76x3.5 cm – Acrylic/canvas

Brunch on the Harbour
60x91x3.5cm -Acrylic/canvas

Tea for Two (with spoons)
38x76x3.5 cm – Acrylic/canvas

High Tea
38x76x3.5 cm – Acrylic/canvas

Australian Afternoon with Cupcakes
38x76 cm – Acrylic/canvas

Barefoot Cafe
60x60x3.5 cm – Acrylic/canvas

Tea for Two
50x87 cm Framed – Acrylic/canvas