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I have been painting with White Nights Artists' watercolours (St. Petersburg) for a very long time. The Poppie Field is one of my many paintings done with 'White Nights' watercolours.

Recently I have discovered an old box of WN paints that were forgotten for about 15 years. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I can still use them! No wasting! They haven’t dried out except maybe for one of them (Mars Brown).  They were so easy to pick up with a brush and haven’t lost their brilliant bright colours. Not a bit!

WN full-pan watercolours come in either Sets of 12, 24 or 36 colours in a white durable plastic case or as Individual Pans, that can add even more excitement to the basic WN sets of 12/ 24 colours or to your existing colour palette.

The colours included in the 24-colour set are:

Cadmium Lemon, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Yellow Ochre, Golden Yellow, Titian Red/OrangeLake,  Cadmium Red Light,  Red Ochre, English Red, Carmine, Madder Lake Red Light, Row Siena, Burnt Umber, Umber, Mars Brown, Yellow Green, Emerald Green, Green, Cobalt Blue, Blue (Bright), Ultramarine, Violet, Indigo, Sepia and Neutral Black.

There are also  Metallic watercolour pan paints available in a choice of 7 colours that includes 2 Silvers, 3 Golds, Copper and Bronze.