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Artists Websites

AUSTRALIA and NZ            

               Pamela Griffith                                    
Still Life, Landscapes and Commissioned Portraits  in Oil and other media, Etchings

John Haycraft
Watercolour Artist. Architectural illustrations, Drawings, Citiscapes, Portraits, Landscapes


Vladimir Volegov                       

Uri  Krotov     
         Sunny impressionist                       Landscapes, portraits, Paris  


UK and USA

Coral G. Guest                                    
Flower Painter in Watercolour
Billy Showell                                         
Watercolour Contamporary Botanical Artist     


E.John Robinson                                 
Seascapes and Landscapes. Oil and Watercolour

Kathy Anderson                                   
Oil paintings
Robert Kuester                                       
Still life, landscapes, figures and commissioned portraits in Oils

Mary Minifie                                            
Portraits,  figurative and still life in Oil

Ros Psakis                                              
Impressionist artist                  Portraits, Landscapes, Still Life in Oil.

Joseph Zbukvic                                               
Impressionist artist                   Watercolour master

Ross Paterson                                      
Impressionist artist                  Watercolour, Oil and Pastel

Alvaro Castagnet                                
Impressionist artist                   Watercolour master