If you are a company or manufacturer, who are interested in using my art with your products and to license my art commercially, please contact me directly via this link.

Tea Towels on

Since 2017 Olga has been successfully collaborating with KEDesign from Melbourne, who marked the tea towels with her designs as being extremely popular.

The KE Design, a Melbourne manufacturer of high-quality gift and homeware products, features Olga's floral, bird and Tea Time paintings on microfiber tea towels.

"What I love about KE Design is that by manufacturing their products in Australia, they are helping to provide jobs to local people including special needs workers and also supporting Australian artists".

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"For Creative People" Collection - from Copy to CREATE and from Coffee to CREATE
"We all learn from each other and the world around us. In the beginning we copy old masters or use a photo as a reference, not relying on our memory and imagination as we do not trust them yet. Then we progress further to advance copying but we look around for more... We are searching for a style we can call our own…It's a lifetime journey."

Women's, men's and kids'
Cockatoo T-shirts, hoodies, dresses, polo, activewear, etc.

Cockatoo Butterfly 1 T-shirt
Cockatoo Butterfly 1 T-shirt
by OlgaKolesnikArt

Creative people daily mantra

Create Create T-shirt
Create Create T-shirt by OlgaKolesnikArt
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Creative people journey
 From "COPY" to "CREATE"